Anti-Ageing Therapy - Laser Lifting 

Some people fear the pain and invasiveness that accompanies standard facelift procedures. There are those that only need a minor adjustment, however the fear of pain may prevent them from going any further.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) provides a pain-free option for people who would like minor cosmetic enhancements.

No risk, non-injection, painless and gentle Laser Light Therapy. 

At Perth Photo-Medical Centre we offer the latest technology with LLLT along with natural dermaceuticals (skin products) that in combination achieve noticeable results. Most importantly it is all done without pain or side effects. 

In most cases the results can be seen immediately.

Low Level Laser Therapy can be used to assist with: 

  • Skin rejuvenating and firming 
  • Reducing appearance of wrinkles
  • Refining of pores
  • Reducing appearance of lines


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